Putnam Place Presents Particle and Lespecial

Putnam Place presents particle & Lespecial. On October 14th, it was rocking the block on Putnam Street in Saratoga Springs. PARTICLE and Lespecial were superb and the crowd was very cool and into the music. It was a fun time with a friendly group of people that enthusiastically wanted a musical interlude with the bands.

Lespecial mixed funk, hip hop and metal in a groovy way that made you feel heat with rhythm you couldn’t resist. They are based in upstate New York and Boston and defy conventional music. The band consists of John Grusauskas- guitar, vocal, sampler, synth, mellotron, mandolin; Rory Dolan- drums, percussion, sampler, and Luke Bemand- base, synth, vocals. Lespecial’s second album “Cheen” will be released in October 31st, 2017.

Particle the pioneers of the Livetronica scene were all-pro and brought their music consisting of EDM/Funk/Rock, including new songs in the performance.Particle has performed concerts in eight different countries and has staged epic marathon sets at some of the country’s top festivals, including: Bonnaroo, Coachella, Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits. It was especially refreshing to see the reaction of people that couldn’t sit still, in the high-energy moments. Particle consists of Steve Molitz (keyboards/vocals) and Clay Parnell (bass/vocals) and features Mike Daum (guitar/vocals) and Kito Bovenschulte (drums), and is finishing their first studio album in over a decade. 


Putnam Place put a whole new feel into the club with upgraded and upscale everything from floor to stage. The new floor was super fine for dancing, the new stage is perfect for performances of many kinds, and the bathrooms were immaculate. Putnam Place is also planning a whole lot of other new and innovative accents to the venue over the next few months. The renovation’s are superb and make this, the go-to place, for music in Saratoga Springs. Very clean, very cool. 

Putnam Den in Saratoga Springs
Particle and Lespecial at Putnam Den