Wedding Reception After-Party

Any bride will tell you that the reception goes by so quickly. These days newlyweds don’t always ride into the sunset after the last dance. Even if a bout of candlelit lovin’ is in the cards, most couples find that it’s also important to prolong the festivities at a wedding reception after-party, especially with those who have journeyed great distances to attend the wedding. Putnam Place, in the heart of downtown Saratoga Springs, offers many options to continue the party with family and friends who don’t want to see the good times come to an end. So it’s important to have a post-wedding reception plan in place. Putnam Place invites you to continue the “after-party party” at our newly renovated venue with your closest friends and family. Our open floor plan can accommodate just about any “style” of post-party. Turn up the state-of-the-art sound system and continue to dance the night away with an all-out extravaganza or keep it low key and intimate and enjoy a relaxing night while enjoying our full bar and elegant atmosphere.

Invite Right

Putnam Place can help you put together a well-organized-wedding-part-two celebration where guests continue in the open-bar revelry with or without added entertainment (a DJ, band, pool tables, sundae bar). The best thing about planning the wedding reception after-party is that traditional wedding etiquette need not apply. Yes, everyone should feel welcome to take part, but official invites are simply not necessary. If you want to ensure all your guests are aware of the post-wedding festivities (and won’t make other plans), include the after-party info on a separate card to be sent with your wedding invitations. Or, post it on your wedding website with a link to the venue. Destination weddings will do right with the info listed on the weekend’s schedule of events. For a more low-key after-party, it’s fine to let everyone know about the plan through word of mouth — start spreading the news at the shower and bachelorette party. After-party Pointer: Deciding who to invite to the after-party is simple: If they’re invited to the reception, they should be invited to the wedding reception after-party. Even if you know some of your guests won’t be up for partying after the reception, still extend the invitation so no one feels snubbed. That said, you can position the party as a mainly friends affair by choosing Putnam Place as the after-party location. But if your parents and their friends want to attend, they should still be welcome with open arms.

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