Putnam Place Venue Specs

Audio Specs – FOH


Mains:  6 x JBL Active VRX (1×12″) Line Array – 3 per side

Subs: 4 x JBL Active VRX (1×18″) – under stage

Center Fill:  1 x JBL 10” Active Speaker

Patio: 1 JBL 10” Active Speaker

Console: Behringer Wing, w/ S32 Stage Box

Monitor Amps: 3 amps, capable of 800+ watts to each monitor channel



8 x Yamaha SM15

4 x Monitor Mixes downstage

2 x Monitor Mixes upstage

5 x IEM or other mixes available from S32 upstage-right



1 x Shure Beta 52

1 x AKG D112

2 x Behringer C4 SDC

4 x Sennheiser E604

2 x Sennheiser E609

1 x Shure PG52

4 x Shure PG56

5 x Shure SM57

5 x Shure SM58

1 x Shure PG81

1 x Whirlwind Stereo D.I.

1 x PCDI Stereo D.I.

3 x Mono D.I.



9 x Tall Boom

3 x Straight – Round base

6 x Short Boom

1 x Straight Short


Output Routing:

AES50 A (S32 Stage Box)

1-11: Match Bus Outputs

12: Available

13: Center Fill

14: Subs

15: Main Left

16: Main Right

-Console Local Outputs:

1-7: Available

8: BUS 12 Outside Mix


Stage Drops: 

16-channel – Upstage-Left

12-channel – Upstage-Right

6-Channel – Downstage-Center


Power drops located at upstage wall or downstage


32 x XLR Cables (10’-20′)


Lighting Inventory


6 x ADJ Focus Spot Three (21-channel)

4 x Beam 230 7R (16-channel) – Profiles exist on internet for AVO and Grandma



2 x Elation Cuepix Blinder

2 x ADJ COB Cannon Color Wash (6-channel)



4 x ADJ COB Cannon Color Wash (6-channel)

3 x ADJ COB Cannon White Wash (3-channel)

1 x ADJ Focus Spot Three (21-channel)



4 x Beam 230 7R  (16-channel) – When bringing ground package, these are removed from the stage to free up space / power.



ASUS Laptop



Behringer X-Touch



Chauvet Ecohaze (2-channel) – Green room and office door must be closed to use.



You’re welcome to bring additional ground fixtures. Please inform us of what you intend to bring and what power requirements you may have.  WE have 2 additional 20-amp circuits for lighting power, leaving 3 for band/stage power.

DMX addresses are listing on lighting plot.  DMX addresses are not to be changed.

There is a 4-way DMX splitter on stage for air, ground, atmosphere and guest.



Video Wall Specs

Absen LED Panels:

Size: 16.4 ft X 7 ft

Pitch: 2.9mm

Brightness: 1,000 nits


Stage Size – 16×24 with 8×10 wings on each side