Privacy Ad Choices


We use common tracking technologies.

We or our vendors use several common tracking tools. These may include browser cookies. We may also use web beacons and similar technologies. We use these tools:

To recognize new or past customers.

To store your password if you are registered on our sites.

To improve our website and mobile app.

To serve you with advertising content in which we think you will be interested. To do so, we or our business partners may observe your behaviors over time on this website and across third party websites. We may also collect information about your browsing history.

To better understand the interests of our customers and our website visitors.

You can control tracking tools.

Your browser may give you the ability to control cookies. How you do so depends on the type of cookie. Certain browsers can be set to reject browser cookies. To control flash cookies, which we may use on certain websites from time to time, you can go here. Why? Because flash cookies cannot be controlled through your browser settings.

If you block cookies on your browser, certain features on our sites may not work.

Some ads may be served based on tracking.

We may work with online advertising companies to show you relevant and useful ads. This may include ads served on our own websites or apps. This may also include our ads served on other companies’ sites. These ads may be based on information collected by us or third parties (for example, when you register for a site). These ads may also be based on your activities on our websites or on third party sites. This second type of advertising is called “interest-based advertising” or “online behavioral advertising.” These ads might be served on websites or apps. They might also be served in emails. We might serve these ads, or third parties might serve ads. They might be about our other products or other companies’ products.

How do we gather information about you for interest-based advertising?

To decide what is relevant to you, we use information you make available to us when you interact with us, our affiliates, and other third parties. We gather this information using the tracking tools described above. For example, we or our partners might look at your purchases or browsing behaviors. We might look at these activities on our platforms or the platforms of others.

We work with third parties who help gather this information. These third parties might link your name or email address to other information they collect. That might include past purchases made offline or online. Or, it might include online usage information.

You can opt-out of interest-based advertising.

To opt out of online behavioral advertising, contact us. If you opt out, you may continue to see ads from us, but they will not be tailored to your interests.

The Digital Advertising Alliance also offers a tool for opting out of the collection of cross-app data on a mobile device for interest-based advertising. To exercise choice for companies participating in this tool, download the Appchoices app.

Control interest-based advertising on apps on your mobile device with the AppChoices app. Available for iOS and Android.*



AppChoices gives you transparency with more than 30 participating companies (and counting), and lets you limit their collection of cross-app data for interest-based ads. Brought to you by the Digital Advertising Alliance, and backed up by the DAA’s independent accountability program, AppChoices lets you opt out from interest-based advertising with a particular company, or “Choose All Companies” with one simple click.

* Supported Devices:

iOS | All iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices with iOS 8 or higher

Android | More than 11,000 phone, tablet and player devices with Android 2.3 or higher, including:

Samsung Galaxy series (S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, Note, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5, etc.)

Nexus series

Sony Xperia (Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, X, XA, M4, etc.)

LG (G2, G3, G4, G5, Optimus 3D, Optimus 4X HD, etc.)

HTC (One, One X, One S, Sensation XE, Optimus 2X, EVO 3D, Desire HD, etc.)

Asus Transformer Pad (TF700T, TF300T, etc.)

Amazon Kindle Fire series

Motorola (Xoom, X515m, XT910, Atrix 4G, DROID RAZR, Droid Turbo, etc.)