Chowderfest After-Party ft: The Wheel: Live Dead & Beyond

Putnam Place, 63a Putnam Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

February 10, 2024 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Putnam Place, 63a Putnam Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Doors: 7:00pm
Show: 8:00pm

Ages: 18+ 

Tickets: $10 

** The online presale period for this show has ended. Tickets will be available at the door.


Buckle up, put it in gear, and enjoy the ride with NY Capital Region’s authentic sounding Grateful Dead tribute band, The Wheel as they put their driving spin on the music you love and enjoy. 

“The Wheel brings a big, danceable groove to the party, driven by the deep pocket of rhythm guitarist and bandleader Andy Morse, bassist Dave Pallas, drummer Bob McKeon and percussionist Pete Andriakos. They provide an unshakable foundation over which lead guitarist Bryan Gautie and keyboardist Kenny Schneidman weave solo after evocative solo together with virtuosity and taste. Yet they are also capable of complex, interwoven conversations that display the nuance and dynamic range of the Dead’s music in quieter, more blissful passages. Vocally, The Wheel possesses a diverse blend of styles, from Morse’s smooth, heartfelt delivery, Schneidman’s full-throated soul, Bryan Gautie’s Jerry Garcia-like tenderness to Jill Gautie’s soaring harmonies.” – Nippertown 

Andy Morse: (Rhythm guitar and vocals) With a deep love calling Andy to explore the musical roots of GD music, Andy formed The Wheel originally as an acoustic duo in 2010 along with Dave Pallas. To many a family Andy is also known as Andy “The Music Man” ( specializing in music for children full time since 1995. Andy studied under Mathew Smith currently of Six String Ranch in Austin TX. Andy has played with Rainbow Full of Sound, Duck Duck Goose, and Fearsome Critters. 

Bob McKeon (Drums) Bob’s lifelong fascination with music, and in particular drumming, began as a child playing his dad’s Ringo-inspired 1960s Ludwig drum set, which has been part of his life ever since. Bob has been supporting many talented musicians and bands in the Capital Region and beyond ever since, including Unclaimed Freight, High Peaks Band, and The Brokedown. Since 2012, Bob has intermittently supported The Garcia Project, touring the northeast United States and southern California, where he has shared the stage with Jerry Garcia Band members Melvin Seals, Maria Muldaur, and Jaclyn LaBranch. You can still catch Bob sitting-in with a variety of acts throughout the Capital Region.

Bryan Gautie: (Lead guitar and vocals) Bryan joined The Wheel in the summer of 2015 adding his dead on 70’s style of Jerry leads driving the band down the road to colorful destinations. Bryan unknowingly followed a similar path of Jerry, studying bluegrass and then eventually discovering the music of the Grateful Dead. Gratefully he still has all ten fingers. Bryan has played in Ice Nine, Yukon Cornelius and Slipknot.  

Dr. Dave Pallas: (5 string bass) The Dr. is in session! When you’re not sitting on the couch in front of him, you’ll find him supporting the backbone of the beat while adventuring into uncharted waters. No life raft needed. Dave has played in many bands over the years, Duck Duck Goose, The Swing Docs, Missing Link. Andy and Dave have been jamming together on a consistent basis since 1985, lifelong musical friends. 

Jill Gautie (vocals) Hmmm her last name is the same as Bryan’s! Jill has performed in many bands over the years and is able to reach deep down to your soul with her vocals.

Kenny Schneidman (keys, vox, graphic art) is an artist and musician living in Woodstock, NY. His musical roots trace back to his childhood, beginning with traditional classical piano lessons at the tender age of 8. Kenny played in numerous bands with silly names likes Devil’s Chamber, Mark Twang, and Stone Deaf, as well as one of the earliest Grateful Dead cover bands on the planet, the Lost Highway Ramblers, from 1977-1981, with occasional reunions when the opportunity arises. He currently handles the keyboards and vocal duties with the Misty Mountain Ramblers, a Woodstock based band of seasoned musicians. He often sits in with other bands throughout the region.

Dr. Pete Andriakos (percussion) When you’re not on “Dr. Sleep’s” surgery table you’ll find him adding many beautiful colors and rhythmic patterns to complete the canvas of The Wheel’s rhythmic section. Pete also plays in the Nolanauts.

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