DJ Serious

Putnam Place, 63a Putnam Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

November 19, 2022 9:30 pm - 12:00 am Putnam Place, 63a Putnam Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Doors: 9:30pm

Ages: 21+

Admission: FREE!


DJ Serious was born in the lower east side “of Manhattan also known as “L.E.S.” and raised in Middletown NY. The meadows to be exact. Throughout his youth he never thought about being dj but grew up listening to hot 97 every morning and afternoon on the way to and from school. In those years he realized how much he loved music. From the emotions certain songs would make you feel. And how it could change how the world can be perceived just by putting on a set of head phones. His first loves were hiphop, and RNB but slowly he began collecting all genres of music that caught his ear. Disco, hip hop, house, reggae, Latin and more. He would start collecting music by record his favorite tracks off the radio onto cassette tapes in junior high. Then later on in high school burning CDS and hustling mixtapes such as The Desert Storm, Dj Clue Mixtape series and The Street Sweepers Collection from “The Drama King” Dj Kay Slay. His favorite mixtapes however was from the world famous Funk Master Flex on Hot97. He said “there’s something about that bomb dropping while listening on a sound system… and his sh#t talking and confidence over a brand new club hit the could just give me chills! Especially when the songs matched his energy and were really that good”. It was how the music made him feel that made him want to take it further and chase that feeling.

At the age of 20 DJ Serious “had enough” and made the decision to pursue a career as a DJ. “Why can’t I do it too.. I can be better”. And he is. He would grow into becoming a dj by taking lessons at alto music 6-8 hours a day and 5-6 days a week from his teacher producer / DJ DJ Ize. He is also heavily influenced by DJ Roc Raida, Mix Master Mike, Z Trip, DJ AM, Qbert, Dj Chachi, DJ Swamp, and Joe Grossman. He then goes on to say “I’ve learned how to be as good as I am today by listening to all the djs I have had the privilege of working with and the opportunity just to listen to a lot more in clubs to be 1000% honest”. “You take the best from each person”. His styles, focus, determination, and drive placed him in some of NYCs most iconic night clubs in his first year such as The China Club, The Copa Cabana, Green House, X bar and the list goes on. Headlining in other major cities as well from Las Vegas, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, New Britain, Jersey City, Fort Lee and of course Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan. He is doubling down working in new nightclubs cities and venues every month.

After realizing the potential of the night life industry he then went and created No Games Entertainment / NGE Events. His companies now have their own events in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida and expanding.

DJ Serious is also veteran in the mixtape and remix / production side of the dj field releasing 4 mixtapes series of his own and remixes on SoundCloud monthly.