Refund and Exchange Policy

Putnam Place Refund & Exchange Policy (exceptions noted below*)

Refunds and exchanges are available for tickets for Putnam Place.


Get a full refund on tickets for Putnam Place if you change your mind within 72 hours of purchase. If eligible, a refund link will appear in the order details page of your Putnam Place account.


If you see VIP seats you prefer that are the same price or higher for your event, call 518-886-9585 to exchange the ones you have if available. One exchange per person, per event.

We can’t refund or exchange tickets for events that are less than 7 days away, and we can’t refund or exchange resale ticket purchases for Fan to Fan Resale events.

Some non-participating venues (and artists, teams, etc.) have a “no refunds or exchanges” policy. But if the event is close and you can’t make it, we’ll do everything we can to help just contact us.

Refunds for Canceled Events

We’ll contact you and issue a refund automatically, including all fees (except UPS).

Refunds for Rescheduled Events

We’ll contact you with the new date and time ASAP. Can’t make it? Refunds are up to the artist, team, venue, or promoter – but we’ll do everything we can to help just contact us.

*Exceptions to the Refund & Exchange Policy

Exceptions include VIP, Platinum, and other premium tickets; resale tickets; tickets purchased with additional items or bundled products and tickets later discounted. For ticket insurance refunds, please contact the insurance provider.